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Our Doctor

On numerous occasions Dr. McLean has expressed how blessed he feels to be able to serve the wonderful people of northeastern Oregon. Since arriving in 2010, Dr. McLean has enjoyed the many relationships that he has developed in both professional and personal capacities. His love for his patients drives him to bring them the best that dentistry has to offer.


Dr. McLean graduated from the Oregon Health & Sciences University's School of Dentistry. Upon graduation as a Doctor of Dental Medicine, Dr. McLean began his dental career by accepting a commissioning as an Officer in the United States Army Dental Corps in the rank of Captain. He was stationed in Stuttgart, Germany, where he practiced all facets of general dentistry in a group practice setting with eight other dentists and specialists. This group environment allowed him to have direct daily contact with dental specialists in periodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics and orthodontics. Dr. McLean credits the outstanding mentorship he received in the military as the foundation for what has allowed him to offer so many of the varied procedures he provides his patients today.

During his time in the Army, Dr. McLean was selected for post-doctoral training in clinical oral surgery. He excelled in an exodontia training program specifically geared towards procuring proficiency in the removal of impacted and diseased teeth as well as the management of oral pathological conditions. He had the privilege of putting his enhanced skillset to good use while being d
eployed to Bagram, Afghanistan for six months. Here he worked with other providers treating complex restorative and surgical care procedures to a military population of approximately 40,000 US and Coalition Forces. Despite the hardship of being separated from his family, Dr. McLean describes his deployment as one of the most rewarding professional experiences he has ever had. 

Dr. McLean enjoyed his time serving in uniform, but his long time dream was to run a private practice in a rural setting. Fortunately, his good friend and fellow classmate from North Powder, Justin Bingham, introduced him to Dr. Lynn Harris. Dr. Lynn was retiring and looking for someone who could care for his patients the way he had for 36 years. Dr. McLean was fortunate to inherit a wonderful team focused on providing quality dental care. In 2014, another dream was realized to build a space uniquely designed for the way Dr. McLean wanted to practice. A beautiful office was constructed complete with relaxing garden views and equipped to provide the newest and latest techniques and approaches to state-of-the-art, comfortable and personalized dental care.

Dr. McLean is dedicated to upgrading himself and constantly seeks to improve the practice. Living in a relatively isolated geographic area, Dr. McLean knew that his advanced surgical training would be utilized. But it has been the constant pursuit of excellence after his formal training that has allowed the practice to meet the many varied needs of his patients. Dr. McLean has qualified himself to perform a wide range of dental treatments, including IV sedation for nervous patients and surgical cases, placement of dental implants using cone beam CT imaging, correction of misaligned teeth with clear orthodontic aligners, fabrication of prosthetic devices by way of 3D printing, incorporation of the latest technology using the Solea laser to take away the drill, needle, noise and discomfort of dental visits, and more! He achieves this through many advanced training and continuing education courses.


Outside of dentistry, Dr. McLean has enjoyed being an active member of our community. When you get involved in rural America, you meet many outstanding people working hard to provide the tremendous quality of life we enjoy in Eastern Oregon. Specifically, Dr. McLean has enjoyed helping shape the educational environment by serving as a Board Member of the Cove School District since 2015. Dr. McLean values education, service and the lifelong pursuit of self improvement. All traits that he sees teachers, administrators and parents making to improve the lives of those around them.


Additionally, Dr. McLean has been fortunate to serve on the Grande Ronde Hospital Board of Trustees. It has been a privilege to help serve our community by trying to contribute to the success of our local independent hospital. GRH provides so many services that go beyond what a traditional critical access hospital can typically provide. We are very fortunate to have the level of care we enjoy for such a rural setting. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be associated with the many talented people who work so hard to be there for me and my family in our hour of need.


Dr. McLean also loves to spend time with his wife Kristine and sons' Cole and Kade. Together, they enjoy getting out into the beautiful outdoors that surround us in the Grande Ronde Valley.

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