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The miracle we’ve both been waiting for is here: Solea. Now available to you, Solea is a dental laser that replaces the dental drill in the majority of procedures in our practice. In fact, nearly every patient skips anesthesia because they just don’t need it. Solea is our way of keeping you happy. Because more than anything, we love to see you smile.

What is Solea?

  • Solea is the first CO2 dental laser cleared by the FDA for all-Tissue dental procedures, meaning treating cavities as well as oral surgeries that involve gums and/or bone.

  • The Solea laser enables Dr. McLean to treat cavities without a drill or needle, taking the typical noise, vibration, numbness and pain out of dental visits.

  • Solea allows dentists to do gum surgery without needles, stitches or post-operative discomfort.


How does it work?

  • The laser vaporizes target tissue using light, without contact whether it is tooth, bone or gum.


Is the procedure really done without a needle? How?

  • Yes, it is, there is rarely a need to inject a patient. Solea uses a wavelength of light delivered in thousands of pulses per second that provides an analgesic effect that takes away almost all of the sensation.


What types of procedures can you perform with Solea?

  • I use it every day, for the majority of procedures, routine cavity fillings, removing old fillings, crowns and more complex surgeries.


What are the patient benefits of Solea?

  • Most importantly it delivers an entirely new experience for my patients. Imagine a dentist visit with no needles, no numbness, no noise, no pain.

  • Even the most fearful patients leave feeling relaxed and comfortable.

  • I am still amazed at how dramatic the difference really is. There is literally no reason to be fearful of the dentist any more.

  • In addition to the experience being so much better, visits are shorter because patients don’t have to spend time in the chair waiting to get numb.

  • Because I work without anesthesia, I can do more work in a single appointment, which means fewer visits to my office, less time away from work for adults, less time away from school for kids.

Are there any other products like it in the market?

  • Solea is the only laser of its type on the market today. There were other dental lasers before, but none of them can match the patient experience delivered by Solea.


How many dentists are using the technology?

  • Even though it is new technology, there are already hundreds of dentists using Solea across the country.


If someone wants to learn more about Solea, how can they get more information?

  • If you want to learn more about Solea, please call the office or go to to find more information.


Is Solea more expensive?​

  • We charge the same for Solea procedures and insurance coverage is the same for Solea procedures too.

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