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Few dentists are trained to provide Intravenous (or IV) sedation for their patients. IV sedation is an excellent method of treatment for patients who have severe dental anxiety or extensive dental needs, such as wisdom teeth removal. IV sedation can provide a much better patient experience because medications are administered directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous line.

Sedation Dentistry

an excellent method of treatment for your dental needs 

Sedation Dentistry

How it Works

Advantages of IV Sedation

In additon to relieving patient concerns of relieving anxiety and the desire to have no memory of the procedure, IV sedation offers a distinct advantage over oral sedation as it allows Dr. McLean to specifically monitor and balance the amount of medication provided to the patient at any given moment. This ability to customize the quantity and type of medications to your individual needs, coupled with the fact that you continue to breath for yourself and not through endotracheal intubation, make IV sedation the treatment option of choice for most procedures in a dental setting.

During IV sedation, the patient is administered medication intravenously. This combination of medications induces a drowsy and relaxed feeling, enabling the patient to remain completely calm and sedated throughout their treatment. 

Throughout this process, the patient's vital signs are monitored. Although patients are not completely unconscious, many patients sleep through their dental appointment. Few patients have any memory of their treatment.

Patients who have IV sedation must have a friend or family member bring them to the dental office and return them home.

Dr. McLean also provides oral sedation as an alternative for patients with dental anxiety and other needs. Please contact us to see if either type of sedation may be appropriate for you. We will gladly discuss your needs in an understanding way.

Alternatives to IV Sedation